Insurance Testimonials

Alejandro I. Sanoja, MBA, Creative Director at Elisha Consulting

"Every day that I can save money is a great day! Emery helped me do so and made the process effortless and simple for me. I just gave him my vehicle information, he provided several good options and took care of all the details. Not only I saved money, but I also saved time!" 

Jenn Gooding, CEO of and

I don’t think that people put enough value into choosing an insurance broker. They’ll spend lots of time getting referrals for other essential professionals – from doctors to lawyers –that keep your life running, and then go with the lowest quote without much thought on their insurance. Emery Mitchamore came highly recommended to me by a colleague, and can’t recommend him enough. From the moment I spoke on the phone with him, I could tell he genuinely cared about people. And his level of service proves it. Emery crafted comprehensive policies for me and then met with me in person to go over everything and make sure that I was comfortable. This level of service is simply astounding, especially considering the policies he created for me were significantly less expensive than others I’ve had. Most of all, I love knowing that if I am ever in the position of needing to utilize my insurance, that there is a person there who truly cares and will help me. 

Clare Samol, Acquisition Manager at Arete Home Solutions Inc

Rarely do you find someone as passionate about their work as Emery is. After my first meeting with him it was evident to me that this was someone not just trying to make a paycheck, but to improve and protect the people around him. Emery is the type of person that not only listens to what you initially ask but will go in depth to make sure you are completely taken care of. I have referred a handful of clients to him at this point and every single one of them has come back and thanked me for it. 

Independent Agents advantage

We work for you!!  Not a carrier that doesn't have your best intrests in mind...