Teen Driver Insurance in Houston

Consider the Risks

Most Insurance carriers want to know if you have a 15 year old or older in your household. Especially when they have access to an auto. Teen driver insurance addition is a great time to shop your auto insurance! Since we have multiple carriers we can provide excellent options on insurance for a teen driver in Houston

What do I need to do next?

Now that you teen is 15 or 16 years old, all insurance companies will want to know if they plan on taking driving lessons. This is the time to let your auto insurance carrier know about your plans. Your auto insurer will request to add your teen if they have access to car keys. Remember, many teens are LESS responsible than yours. Some even taking cars without asking. You will be financially responsible for your teen even if they are not allowed to legally drive. This can put your entire future in jeopardy.

My teen didn't start driving until he was 17 and even then I had several conversations with my auto insurance carrier.

How do I protect my family?